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“ABMI is a responsive partner, providing tailored solutions for our product approval processes. Their digital simulations serve as perfect substitutes for physical tests that are costly and difficult to control. ”

Alain B. - Director of Alsatec


How to test firestop systems for industrial applications, potentially involving explosions and severe impacts, while avoiding safety issues and multiple physical tests? By utilizing ABMI’s 20 years’ expertise in this field to create computer simulations.


For over ten years, Alsatec has trusted ABMI to reliably develop cost-efficient, custom solutions tailored to their exact needs and specifications. Our ability to see things from their point of view has allowed us to provide exactly the right services without wasting any time, while assuring verification, testing and approval of all essential issues. Our effectiveness is based on our ability to focus on our client's needs and requirements.


The simulations were designed and implemented by a single experienced agent familiar with Alsatec. Our aim has been to capitalise on experience gained throughout the various projects we have carried out with our client by proposing exhaustive simulations delivering the correct results on the first try.


We’ve succeeded not only from a technical perspective, by providing reliable simulations for more than a decade, but also from a customer perspective: Alsatec relies on us and our services because of the trust and relationship we have built over the years, due to our ability to understand their challenges and provide cost-effective solutions delivered on time and on budget.