How to meet traceability standards for medicines produced in the Beaufour plant in France? How to take into account standards-related requirements specific to the various target markets, in order to ensure their distribution with zero stock shortages? Our teams deployed serialisation software, designed to combat counterfeiting, directly on the production site.


We assisted our client Ipsen during the very early stages of the project in order to see how the serialisation solution can be integrated into their production lines. We then deployed the tool in full compliance with the plant's industrial processes. Thanks to this solution, pharmacists worldwide can now scan Ipsen drug packaging and immediately check online where and when it was produced.


An ABMI validation and qualification engineer was integrated directly into Ipsen's team. He installed the software, checked that traceability was performed in accordance with the various standards required by the pharmaceutical industry, and then provided training for the plant's team leaders and operational managers to use the tool.


Our continuous monitoring enabled compliance with the standards of Ipsen's various markets. Our client was, for example, able to deliver to China, where requirements are strict, with no delivery delays. Despite the complexity involved, our client's development was never hindered by regulatory requirements.

Beaufour Ipsen