How to create a high-end, high-performance Nespresso machine based on the functional specifications provided by the design and marketing teams? How to find the balance between innovation and production costs to deliver a competitive product on in a very competitive market? How to tackle significant delivery challenges in order to respond to peak sales periods during the year? We met these challenges with and for the Nestlé Group.


We proposed from the start a mechatronic architecture solution into account Nestlé's budget. Following an intensive five-month development period, we industrialized the product in less than twelve months. We coordinated the entire value chain from the Hungarian production site: – manufacturers, suppliers, development partners and certification bodie.


ABMI put together a multidisciplinary team, ranging from 6 to 12 members, adapting to fit the needs of the project throughout its various stages. The development of this coffee machine was an opportunity for us to deploy new tools: training, brainstorming workshops, software, prototyping and approval campaigns. The agility of our teams and our ability to constantly reassess and reconsider, as part of a continuous improvement strategy, enabled us to achieve our objective: "first time right".


Despite significant requirements and challenges, we fulfilled our commitment. Nespresso's "Expert" machine was commercially released on schedule in fall 2016. The management of Nespresso's machine development department ranked ABMI among its two "first tier developers" for its brand of machines. This recognition naturally places ABMI in a position to continue this project into the machine lifecycle management phase.