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“The strong cohesion between our departments, the quality of work delivered and the constant responsiveness of ABMI enabled very rapid progress to be made, with plans requiring very few changes.”

Eric V. - Engineer in charge of studies at Suez Degrémont


How to refurbish buildings belonging to a wastewater treatment plant dating from the 1980s, while using obsoleted paper plans and avoiding a civil engineering impact? This was the technical challenge we faced at the Louis Fargue site (in Bordeaux, France) for environment specialist Suez Degrémont.


Our first mission: model existing plant structures requiring modification Next, lead the studies for the extension of structures while taking into account requirements related to the wastewater treatment plant's ergonomics and future maintenance. Last but not least, optimise the energy efficiency of the sludge heating system.


We set up a dedicated ABMI team for the refurbishment work, led by a Project Manager, who was in direct contact with Suez Degrémont's various stakeholders and located on-site at the purification plant in Bordeaux to carry out topographic surveys. Our goal was to contribute our capacity for innovation, while taking into account existing and non-modifiable civil engineering constraints.


We successfully leveraged our 25 years of experience in the field and helped Suez Degrémont successfully refurbish the facilities dedicated to anaerobic digestion and storage of digested sludge, sludge thickening and dissolved air flotation, delivering new Densadeg-type structures. Our solutions were very rapidly approved by our client's R&D Department and implemented during the construction phase.

Suez Degrémont