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“We relied on the support of an ABMI team that our project’s international context and to put in place the resources required to succeed”

Patrick B. - R&D Manager


How to define the architecture of a new Japanese vehicle, with a unique style, while integrating as many standardised parts as possible in order to optimise production? By assisting Volvo on the production site of its Japanese subsidiary, UD Trucks.


We coordinated the various design offices and service providers in order to achieve a ratio of 80% of parts already produced by our client, Volvo Group. We challenged our collaborators to achieve this objective, while obtaining an overall architecture that is innovative and distinctive for UD Trucks.


We aligned ourselves with Volvo's dual pillar organisational structure. We therefore appointed two architects as multi-disciplinary managers, respectively responsible for the front and rear of the vehicle. These experts then managed a dedicated 7-person ABMI team.


We succeeded in coordinating our client's service providers and in maintaining a high rate of progress. By achieving Volvo's objectives, in terms of cost-competitiveness and, above all, in terms of the vehicle's intrinsic quality, we helped them secure the launch of a new vehicle range in Japan.

Volvo Trucks