Our promise

What sets us apart? We support each of our staff members as our engineering advisory firm develops. Ours is a company on a human scale that is being created as you progress.

Why choose us? Whatever project you are working on, there are three people you can count on: your manager, your HR contact and your mentor. Together, they will help you excel, it’s as simple as that. At ABMI, we believe that good collaboration is more than a matter of skill, it is a question of affinity. Affinity with your customer, your team and your managers. This mindset has allowed us to work for over 35 years for big names in industry. This is why EDF, Nestlé, Airbus Group, RATP, SNCF and Volvo Trucks, among others, place their trust in us day after day!

Our ability to respond to challenges together enables us to win the most ambitious and exciting projects. Our teams are autonomous and deliver tailored services with high added value. Two thirds of our projects are completed on a fixed-price basis at our own sites or at our customers’ technical support locations, which means our employees need to be flexible and have very good interpersonal skills.

We count on our teams’ individual and collective intelligence to offer innovative and ambitious solutions. We recognise the real value of their creativity. In fact, we encourage it and benefit from our various internal innovation groups devoted to research and development.

Can you see yourself being part of this collaborative mindset? Apply for one of our positions and join us!